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Cloud Virtual Servers

Flexible, high-performance servers, built using OnApp virtualization technology, with enterprise-grade SSD disk storage, typically 30%+ faster than standard hard disks. Available in all eight of our global locations - Amsterdam, Chicago, Dublin, Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Sydney and Toronto.
Spiral Hosting specialise in CloudLinux servers, we're an official cPanel partner (the world's leading hosting control panel), we offer 24x7 server management. Our team work round-the-clock to provide a fast & reliable hosting service for your website(s).

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12 months for price of 10!

Cloud 2



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8 Global Hosting Locations!

Cloud 3



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Enterprise-grade SSD storage!

Cloud 4



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Flexible, Upgrade Anytime!

Cloud 5



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Cloud 6



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Cloud 7



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Cloud 8



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Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Servers are made to order and built to the specifications you want! We can provide a wide range of hardware and software. Our Servers team will be happy to provide you with a quote! Use the form below to provide your technical specifications, location of server, and what you intend to use the server for. We may ask for some clarification and authentication of usage before proceeding.

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Server Colocation

Colocation is a cost effective hosting solution for companies that own their own hardware and wish to house their servers in our secure, state-of-the-art datacentres. In addition to fail-safe server housing, you'll benefit from our 24 x 7 customer support - where you get technical assistance to keep your operation running around the clock. In addition to Colocation we offer managed firewalls, backup solutions, scalable data replication and much more.

The Spiral Hosting network is designed to deliver maximum uptime and security, with redundant network links which include NTL and Cable and Wireless. We can provide a wide range of sizes for colocation space from 1 unit of rackspace to full cabinets or suites! We will do our best to ensure we can offer you the best service possible. All of our colocation space comes with no setup fees and no minimum contract.

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