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New platform for .IE registry

Published by on November 13th, 2020

Ireland’s domain registry have rebranded their company name as .IE and will no longer use IE Domain Registry or “IEDR” in their branding. Their website has changed to www.weare.ie and you may see the new succinct brand name in notifications about your .ie domain registrations and renewals.

Earlier this year, .IE signed a licensing deal to use a domain management platform developed by CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority). The technical work to move to the new platform will take place this weekend.
Please note there will be a maintenance window from 10am on Saturday 14 November 2020 to approx 2pm on Monday 16 November 2020 where the .IE system will be offline. New orders and domain modifications will not be possible. Renewals and transfers will be processed after the maintenance.

The new .IE platform introduces a default auto-renew policy for all .ie domain names and you may receive notifications from the registry that in future your .ie domain name(s) will be auto-renewed. Some of their notifications may advise you to request a deletion if you do want auto-renew for your domain name.
We wish to make clear that you can already manage the auto-renew setting for all your domain names via the Domains page in your Spiral Hosting client area. This will not change. If you no longer require a domain name, you should disable auto-renew in your client area.

Our auto-renew policy is clear: If auto-renew is enabled, a renewal invoice will be generated 28 days in advance. Our billing system will attempt to capture payment 5 days in advance, if your chosen payment method is credit card and there is a valid card on file. If you pay by PayPal or bank transfer, you still need to manually pay the renewal invoice.

If auto-renew is disabled, a renewal invoice will NOT be generated and your domain name will be left to expire. Website/email services will stop working. You can still choose to manually renew it for 30 days via your client area.

Provisional renewals: If auto-renew is enabled on a domain name, For all .ie domains, the registry may process a provisional renewal and the expiry date may appear to be extended, but please note domain renewals are only finalised after we receive payment. It is our policy to email a receipt for all payments received. A provisional domain renewal will not be maintained if you do not pay.

All pricing for registrations, renewals and transfers remain the same.
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