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Advertising for new relaxed .ie registration policy

New .ie policy sparks nationwide awareness campaign

Published by on March 14th, 2018

Spiral Hosting have today launched a nationwide advertising campaign across the island of Ireland to promote the new relaxed rules for registering .ie names. Advertising will appear on public transport and in shopping centres.

The relaxed rules will make it much easier to register an .ie domain name, simply by showing your connection to Ireland – which is an easy process if you are a business, citizen or resident anywhere on the island. The new policy will mean that domain names that weren’t previously available to the general public, will be up for grabs.

The upside to the relaxed rules are that the most time-consuming task to register a .ie domain name, having to provide a ‘claim’, will be removed from March 21st. The drawback is that anyone with a connection to Ireland can register any name, it’s important that you take action to secure the domain names you want as soon as possible. The .ie namespace is sold on a first-come, first-served basis, so register any .ie names that are valuable to you before someone else does!

IEDR relaxed registration policy March 2018

“At Spiral Hosting, we have seen a strong growth in the .ie namespace, to a point where we are now the 6th largest .ie registrar for .ie domain names. Our dedicated .IE Team is here to ensure that your domain name registration is handled as quickly and smoothly as possible”

“If you are running a business, you currently have an advantage as you have a ‘claim’ to domain names related to your business and its activities. From March 21st, anyone will be able to register those previously protected domain names. It’s vital that Irish businesses, and existing .ie registrants, consider the implications of the new policy”.

“Individuals, businesses and community groups should act now to secure domain names relevant to them and their activities, products, services, trademarks etc.” explained Peter Armstrong, managing director at Spiral Hosting.

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