The New .UK Domain is LIVE! *excitement*

Published by Spiral Hosting on Thursday 12th June 2014



The new .UK Domains launched on Tuesday 10th June and we are very excited about the amount of orders we’ve been getting!

Nominet, the registrars have reported over 50,000 orders within 24 hours of launch

Within 24 hours of opening for registration, new, short .uk web domains have topped the sales charts. More than 50,000 domains were registered, making this one of the fastest selling new domain releases on record

Our team are working hard to get all of the new orders through as quickly as possible. Remember to ensure you are the registered owner of any previous domain extensions before you register. For example, SpiralHosting is the registered owner of spiralhosting.CO.UK therefore we had first pick for the .UK extension of the same name! Alternatively, if no-one else owns any previous extensions for the domain name, you have the right to register .UK!

However please note: We’ve had a few customers who have continued with the orders when they are not the registered party. Please read the special conditions before ordering the new domain (they’re not your usual T&C’s!)

You can register your domain at

Domain registrations are an important aspect of your brand protection as well as your brand awareness. We would advise all of our customers who have an existing .CO.UK .ME.UK or .ORG.UK domain extension to purchase the corresponding .UK domain to ensure your brand is actively promoted within what is clearly a very popular domain extension!

UK_DOMAIN_FAMILY_BLACKWe think most of the big companies who have existing .CO.UK domains will quickly add .UK to their online presence. Companies like the iconic, and have already joined the UK internet revolution. Unmistakably British brands with an unmistakably British identity!

We would recommend you jump on the elegant carriage and drive your business further into the world of the UK Domain Family!

We’re hiring – Sales & Marketing Executive

Published by Spiral Hosting on Wednesday 16th April 2014

Sales & Marketing Executive

Due to our continued expansion we are looking to recruit a Sales & Marketing Executive, with a special aptitude for web hosting systems and search engine optimisation.  This is a full time position and the successful applicant must be available to work from our office in Belfast, N Ireland. We are an international business and the candidate will be required to work a mixture of daytime and occasional evening shifts.
The successful applicant must be confident in performing the role detailed below and they must possess the skills required, including the appropriate qualification detailed below.


– Answering front line customer sales inquiries via our support ticket system, live chat, IM, email and phone
– Building new business relationships and strengthening existing ones
– Creating campaigns to market our range of webhosting and server products
– Liasing with potential customers using online forums, social media, business conferences, meetings and exhibitions

Skills required:

– Excellent phone manner and writing skills
– Target-driven and results orientated person with experience in lead generation and sales pipelines.
– Knowledge of Linux/Windows webhosting and server products
– Knowledge of desktop email systems – Outlook, Thunderbird etc.
– Understanding of network technologies – TCP/IP and DNS etc.
– Must be professional, flexible and reliable
– Have a qualification in I.T, Computer science or Sales & Marketing

To apply for this position please send a copy of your CV to jobs(at)

We are an equal opportunities employer and we welcome applications from all suitably qualified persons regardless of their religious beliefs or political opinions, sex, marital or family statuses, races, sexual orientations, ages or whether they are disabled.

We do not require any assistance from job agencies or recruitment websites. Please do not contact us regarding this job position unless you are a job applicant. Thank you.

Spiral Hosting become cPanel Partner NOC

Published by Spiral Hosting on Monday 14th April 2014


Cloud hosting provider Spiral Hosting Limited has today announced it has become a cPanel Partner NOC. cPanel is the world’s leading web hosting control panel.

Peter Armstrong, director of the Irish HSP explained: “Spiral Hosting are very pleased to announce we are now a cPanel Partner. Since 2006 we have specialised in cPanel web hosting solutions  and we will now have access to purchase our cPanel licenses directly. As part of a major investment we are expanding our global cloud infrastructure, training a new customer service team and increasing our 24×7 support response times. We feel that becoming a NOC partner is a further strength to our global cPanel-powered virtual and cloud server hosting solutions.”

Security advice – OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug (Update)

Published by Spiral Hosting on Thursday 10th April 2014

bleedheartOpenSSL Heartbleed Bug Update & SSL Certificates

This is an update to the security advisory we sent yesterday. Your webmaster or IT person should be made aware of this information.

Yesterday we emailed all our web hosting customers aboutthe Heartbleed vulnerability in OpenSSL security software. Google Security and Codenomicon – a Finnish security company – revealed on Monday that the flaw had existed in OpenSSL for more than two years. On Tuesday security patches were released by OpenSSL, cPanel and CloudLinux, and we immediately began installing these on all the web servers we manage. The security vulnerability is thought to have initially affected several million web servers. All our web servers are now protected. Our support team have received a lot of technical requests and therefore we are sending you this update.

What exactly is Heartbleed?

The Heartbleed bug is a security vulnerability where a hacker can send a request to an SSL secured website, and vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL security software running on the web server will send a response back to the hacker that exposes the SSL private keys. Normally the SSL private keys are used to decrypt sensitive data and they should be kept secret. The security patches we have implemented on our web servers will prevent OpenSSL security software from exposing the SSL private keys. There is no way of knowing if they’ve been exposed before the security patching because the Heartbleed bug leaves no trace. Web hosting companies all around the world are working on implementing similar security patching to their own web servers.

Where does Spiral Hosting use OpenSSL?

All our web servers use OpenSSL security software to encrypt data sent to/from SSL secured websites. SSL is recommended for any websites that handle sensitive data, and it’s compulsory for websites that process credit card information to have an SSL certificate. If you use an SSL connection to connect to websites, email or other applications such as cPanel, WHM and webmail, you’ll normally see the “lock” symbol appear on your web browser. If the website is hosted with us, it definitely uses OpenSSL software. There is no evidence that any of our web servers have been exploited, but as a security precaution we have re-issued the SSL certificate(s) used by website/email services on our web servers, and we have also re-issued the SSL certificate used on the Spiral Hosting client area.

What steps do I need to take?

You should be aware of the security vulnerability and take sensible steps to stay safe online. Discuss the issue with your IT person. There is useful information about the vulnerability at

We recommend reading this article on BBC News it contains useful background information and good practice tips for online security. Some major technology companies have recommended the public “change your passwords everywhere”. At Spiral Hosting, we are not forcing customers to reset their passwords, but we would remind customers that it’s considered good practice to change your passwords on a regular basis or when there is any possibility of a security threat like this.

The Mashable website has a list of some of the biggest websites including Facebook, Tumblr, Yahoo and Google where you may want to change your passwords as a precaution.

My website has an SSL certificate, what do I do?

The advice we have received from our SSL providers (GeoTrust, Comodo and GlobalSign) is that all SSL certificates should be re-issued and re-installed. This is because there was the (very small) chance someone could have exploited OpenSSL on your website and retrieved the SSL private keys. This involves creating a new CSR (certificate signing request), Spiral Hosting submitting a re-issue request to the appropriate SSL provider, and then the certificate being validated, re-issued and re-installed on the webserver. If you have purchased an SSL certificate from Spiral Hosting and you’d like to have it re-issued and re-installed, please email our support team. There is no cost involved, but please be patient because our support team are receiving more requests than usual.

My website does NOT have SSL certificate, what do i do?

The Heartbleed bug won’t affect your website because there isn’t an SSL certificate installed on your website. Data to/from your website is not encrypted using SSL in the first place. We do recommend SSL certificates for any website that transmits sensitive data and SSL certificates are essential if your website transmits credit card data. You may want to consider purchasing one. Please email our sales team.

Security advice – OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug

Published by Spiral Hosting on Wednesday 9th April 2014

bleedheartOpenSSL Heartbleed Bug – Informational purposes only. No action is required.

We wish to advise that we are aware of the security vulnerability and every web server that we manage has been patched. Hence, if you have shared hosting or reseller hosting with us, your website is NOT at risk.
If you have a self-managed web server hosted with us, you will receive an email with instructions and you should liase with our technical support team.

We’ve been contacted by several customers asking about the recently discovered vulnerability in “OpenSSL 1.0.1f”. The vulnerability is known as the Heartbleed bug. It has been discovered by security experts and it is thought to affect up to 500,000 web servers worldwide. The vulnerability is receiving global news coverage. Technology companies and software providers like ZenCart are advising website owners to contact their web hosting providers.

The vulnerability allows stealing the information protected, under normal conditions, by the SSL/TLS encryption used to secure the Internet. SSL/TLS provides communication security and privacy over the Internet for website, email and FTP applications. The vulnerability is known as CVE-2014-0160 and detailed information is available on the CVE website and also

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have any questions or concerns.

EU Parl adopts net neutrality & end to mobile roaming charges

Published by Spiral Hosting on Wednesday 9th April 2014

The European Parliament has adopted new proposals supporting net neutrality and eliminating intra-EU mobile phone roaming. #connectedcontinent

This is excellent news for European consumers because it should prevent Internet Service Provider’s giving preferential treatment to Internet content providers. For example your ISP might partner with Netflix and give faster speed to customers using Netflix, but slower second-rate speeds if you’re using another provider. The proposals should create a level playing field for all content providers.

Also, the elimination of mobile roaming charges, which is due to take effect in December 2015, could save EU consumers hundreds of Euro a year. It is particularly good news for those people living along intra-EU borders who are affected by inadvertent network roaming.

Melbourne office opening hours (time change)

Published by Spiral Hosting on Monday 7th April 2014

With the recent acquisition of Speedy, Spiral Hosting now have a presence in Australia. Our Melbourne office are here to help you Monday-Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. Our Australian phone number is +61-38-652-1901.

The clock’s went back at the weekend in Australia, so it’s now 9 hours ahead of UK time (instead of 11 hours).

If you’re in UK & Ireland this means phone calls from 11.30pm to 8.30am UK time will be answered by our Melbourne office. You can phone us on the usual numbers UK 028 9002 5008 and Ireland +353 1 657 1821.

Is your WordPress site software & security up to date?

Published by Spiral Hosting on Friday 4th April 2014

Does your website use WordPress? Is the software & security up to date?

WordPress brute force attacks began in April 2013. Thousands of malicious bots would automatically attempt to guess the login details for WordPress admin dashboards.The amount and frequency of the requests inundated many websites and caused major problems for many leading web hosting providers. Spiral Hosting led the way in implementing security procedures to help prevent these attacks. There’s more information at

One year later, unfortunately we’ve seeing a resurgence in these brute force attacks as hackers/exploiters attempt new brute force methods. Help prevent attacks on your website and help keep our web servers running smoothly for all customers. We strongly recommend you follow these security instructions:

1) Make sure the admin dashboard has a very secure password. For example, “secret1″ is a bad insecure password and “Z#hups$M4!Z” is a good secure password.

2) Make sure your WordPress core is up-to-date (always use the latest version, without any exception)

3) Make sure your WordPress plugins are up-to-date (always use the latest plugins, without any exception)

4) Make sure your WordPress theme is up-to-date (and importantly, remove any old inactive themes from the /wp-content/themes/ directory because old theme files are part of a new hack/exploit)

5) Install the iThemes Security plugin (formerly called Better WP Security), here’s how to install:

(a) In your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins page, click ‘Add New’ button, then search for “iThemes Security” and click ‘Install Now’.

(b) Click on ‘Activate Plugin’ and you’ll see a message “iThemes Security is almost ready.” Click on ‘Secure Your Site Now’.

(c) You’ll be given a list of options. The 1st option is to schedule automated backups; you don’t need to do this because we already keep 14 days of backups for every website hosted with us. Proceed to the 2nd and 3rd options – ‘Allow File Updates’ and ‘One-Click Secure’. Enable both the 2nd and 3rd options and this will activate basic security measures for your WordPress website.

(d) Click the ‘X’ button and it will bring you to the iThemes Security dashboard with a list of more security measures. You should consider implementing the High & Medium security recommendations, in particular the ‘Hide Login’ functionality. There is more information on all the options available with this plugin at

Spiral Hosting acquires SpeedySparrow

Published by Spiral Hosting on Monday 13th January 2014

Spiral Hosting Limited (, a leading cloud web hosting solutions provider today announced the acquisition of Australian web hosting firm SpeedySparrow (

SpeedySparrow has been trading for over six years with a reputation for delivering a high-quality service backed by first-rate customer support. SpeedySparrow is based in Melbourne, Victoria and have a large Australian and American client base.

Spiral Hosting have a large Irish and international client base. Spiral Hosting also expanded into the American hosting market after acquiring the webhosting division of Eideashop in May 2010. Spiral Hosting is headquartered in Ireland with offices in the UK and USA.

Peter Armstrong, director of the Irish HSP explained: “Spiral Hosting are delighted to announce the acquisition of SpeedySparrow.  This acquisition allows us to expand and invest in our operations in Australia. It represents a significant investment in our webhosting infrastructure, customer service and technical support.”

“SpeedySparrow is a first-class webhosting provider that is in many ways similar to Spiral Hosting. It has an excellent reputation of offering friendly personal support that will go the extra mile for customers.”

“The new merged company will result in improvements for all Spiral Hosting and SpeedySparrow customers. Our top three objectives are excellent servers, fast support and most importantly happy customers. The SpeedySparrow team will be joining Spiral Hosting. We’ll be taking the best of both businesses and continuing to build our hosting services, cloud infrastructure and 24/7 support.”

Christmas & New Year’s Opening Hours

Published by Spiral Hosting on Monday 23rd December 2013


The Christmas holidays are almost upon us and we’d like to make you aware of our operating hours.

Our customer/technical support will be available every day throughout the holidays 24/7 as normal via our support ticket system.

Our phone support will close at 2pm on Monday 23rd December and re-open on Thursday 2nd January.

If you are a dedicated server or colocation customer you can still avail of our 24/7 server reboots and emergency phone support by calling the out-of-hours mobile numbers. These can be found on your last server invoice.

The IE Domain Registry will close on 23rd December and re-open on 6th January. We will continue to accept new orders for .ie domains over Christmas but they will not be processed by the registry during the holidays.